Feeling like a pagan

I am feeling a bit like a heathen.

We celebrate Halloween.

I decorate the house, dress up my son and revel in the festivities.

I never knew it was such an evil thing. As a child, my family always celebrated Halloween. Picking out a costume was almost as important as school supply shopping. I trick or treated, ate too much candy and had a wonderful time.

As a Christian mommy, I'm learning all these things are bad. I didn't know Halloween was so controversial. I was raised in a Christian home where we went to church every week, said or prayers and didn't watch TV shows with questionable morals (I still feel guilty watching Roseanne or The Simpsons). How did we miss the Halloween is evil message?

I was talking to some other mommies and was completely shocked at how they don't want their children to partake in such a demonic activity. Demonic? I thought it was a chance to be silly. When else is every little boy going to live out his dream of being a baseball player and little girl be a princess? I guess I always experienced fun and happy Halloween not the creepy kind.

I know choosing my friends now is just as important as when I was 14. It's hard for me to find other mommies trying to strike that same balance. There are the very conservative mommies who are typically a little too conservative for me. And, there are those that really have no interest in church-like things.

Is there a mommy like me somewhere in that mess? I want to celebrate Halloween and still go to church on Sunday. Is that possible?