To create an awkward pause . . .

Ask a military spouse where she's from.

Well, right now we live in Connecticut.
We moved here from South Carolina. But, we were only there 13 months, and I hated every moment of it. Are we from there?
We were in central Illinois before that. That's where we went to college and met each other. Our relationship is from there.
I grew up in the Chicago area.
But, I was born in Springfield.

Such a complicated answer to an innocent question.

The answer gets even harder when we're on vacation. Do these people mean where we started vacation from? Where our accents are from? Where we are registered voters? Do I need to go into hubby's military status? Am I going to get a lecture about Iraq if I say so?

Hubby and I are in our third state since our wedding. We've been married 23 months. I find that pretty impressive. Especially if you add in the move just prior to our wedding when we merged into our first apartment together. That was the only move we did by ourselves. (We quickly learned if we would like to get married and stay married, a vow to have movers was vital.)

I am so grateful to get to experience different parts of our country. I'm a born traveler. But, it does make for some awkward pauses in conversations.