Missing Daddy

Ever since we got home from the last trip to visit hubby, the bear has been having a heck of a time readjusting himself. Anytime I leave his sight (or you know put him down) he screams. Right now, he's supposed to be napping. He's screaming instead. It's gotten so bad that once I even lift him above his crib he screams.

My son is feisty. We've always known that. The doctor told us that right after he was born - followed by the comment "I wouldn't want to baby-sit him when he's 2". He was the child that cried for 4 hours straight when he was a month old and we were trying to transition him from our bed to the crib. (He didn't quit then, I had to cave to feed him) We waited and he had been sleeping and napping in there since he was 4 months old just fine.

It just breaks my heart listening to him cry. I know he's safe, fed and clean. Most importantly, he's very tired and needs a nap. We made him this way though. We took away his daddy. He's too little to understand 6 months and coming back, but he sure gets the daddy left part.

He's so small, but he understands so much.