Making family

For all the craziness the Navy brings to our family, it brings some amazing friendships. Every place we have lived I have been blessed enough to find at least one really good friend.

The interesting thing is if I had met them in any other circumstance, we probably would not have been friends. There is something about going through the same emotional roller coasters that brings us wives together.

These ladies don't just become friends though. They become family. We see each other regularly, gossip on the phone, deal with leaking pipes and temper tantrums as a team and lean on each other. We celebrate the holidays together - real ones like Halloween and made up ones like Half-Way Night. We don't all have the same goals or personalities, but that's how families work. Some you become very close to and some you simply tolerate. We didn't pick each other. We were put together by some higher power. Real families are planned by God. Navy families are planned by the government.

Some ladies wait to meet each other or are hesitant to get involved. To me that's foolish. We only have 3 years here. I don't have 8 months to waste sitting around having a pity party by myself. Now I have guests at my pity parties.

While I may be hundreds of miles from my biological family (945.64 according to mapquest.com), I have built a new family here. I will sad to see them move on - literally move on. But, I know there will always be new wives out there. I'm always ready to make a bigger family.