mommy opinions

From the moment people knew I was pregnant, I had opinions and advice thrown at me. From relatives. From friends. From people without kids. From random strangers.

I don't want to be like that. I'll give my opinions, but only when specifically asked.

I'm about to burst with opinions though so I'm sharing. No offense if you don't agree. These are my opinions. Feel free to share yours and your reasoning in the comments. Be polite and I won't be offended.

*Breastfeed your children. Yes, it can be challenging. Yes, I had points where I was crying in the chair pumping because The Bear just didn't get it. Some babies need to be taught, but 97% of mothers can. (And most of that 3% is because of medications) You should at least try. Give it a month. It's better for your children. It's better for you. At least try it for a few weeks.

*Your 2 year old does not need a pacifier. Especially when walking around at 10 am. The Bear used a pacifier. I know it's hard to take it away. But, you need to. Ever see a 8 year old with a pacifier? I have. It's sad. There's a reason it's recommended that after 12 months babes no longer use them.

*Do not rush your children out. There is no calendar or clock inside you. Babies come when they are ready. One child came 3 weeks early. One came a day early. Those insanely uncomfortable 3 weeks are so worth it for a bigger, healthier, better sleeping, better eating child. I'll admit I tried all the old wives tales to get The Monkey out. Spicy food. Lots of walking. Castor oil. Go ahead and try. Don't talk your doctor into using medical procedures to save you an uncomfortable week. (This totally does not apply if there is a medical reason. Don't be stupid.)

*Use pain medication sparingly. I did this one both ways, too. Epidural with The Bear. Natural with The Monkey. Yes, it hurt. A lot. But, it goes faster. Your body knows what to do. I knew when I needed to push. And, I didn't have to push as long (which luckily wasn't that long either time). I also healed WAY faster. I was up and walking around 10 minutes after The Monkey was born. I didn't bleed as long. I wasn't as sore. I didn't tear. We're stronger than we think we are. Don't walk in and say you need an epidural. You might be amazed at yourself.

*You are the mother chosen by God for your children. While these are my opinions, it's important to pick the things that truly matter to you and not back down. Facts and doctors and random old ladies are not the parents. You can consider the opinions and make sure you are not endangering your children. But, you do have the ultimate say.


Kitty said...

I agree with everything you said, except for the epidural part, lol. That's just me though, my poor baby was so ready to come out (water broke the midnight I turned 38 weeks) but I was in back labor and she was hung up on her cord, so the labor lasted a long time. Thank goodness for my meds. I healed super fast though, you're right we are stronger than we think. I went home the next day and aside from being tired was completely fine. Bella came out looking at her daddy super awake and alert... there's nothing like it is there?

Anonymous said...