Apparently, planning a vacation reduces your stress level as much as actually going on vacation. So says new research.

It sounds like a governmental conspiracy. Military families are famous for planning vacations that never really get to happen. Maybe they're trying to make all us mil wives feel better.

Or just maybe, they've traveled with 2 small children as a "vacation".

Not sure which theory makes me feel better.


Anonymous said...

I'll take the real thing any day!

Being Me said...

HI, I'm afraid I can't agree with that one, planning and packing is stressful for me before I go on holiday ( because I have to ensure the 3 kids have everything + extras..)..

Glad to meet you.


Kaber said...

I love planning. (not just vacations- EVERYTHING) and it always reduces my stress level and makes me feel better.

I like your blog title. It pretty much describes our homeschooling 'style'.

茂一 said...

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Anonymous said...