2010: month 2

2 months (and 2 days) ago, I listed my resolutions for 2010. Time for the monthly check-in.

*Plans. Oh dear heavens. I try. I really do. The problem is the Navy keeps messing with my plans. With Hubby gone, our communication has been less than consistent. I think we have a plan for the rest of this year at least. I also started budgeting myself. We are not rich, but we live a very cush life. I basically have no impulse control when shopping. I'm working on it though. I know I could cut back if we needed to. Baby steps though.

*Individual time with each boy. Who would have guessed this would be an easy one? I think I freaked myself out with the whole 2 little ones thing more than I needed to.

*Read 26 books. I've finished 7 so far. Not too shabby for 10 weeks. I could read way more, but I've also gotten into crafting at night. It helps that The Bear loves the library. He has a favorite librarian which just melts my heart.

*Taking care of myself. We're getting there. The exercise DVD is just not my thing. I am trying to be much more active with The Bear though. Running up and down the hall 3,000 times should count for something, right?

*Potty train The Bear. I got myself all excited because he told me he needed to go potty, we went in and he went right away. I thought it was a break through. Instead, it was a one hit wonder. I hadn't plan to start yet though so no big deal. We have our reward chart (which is just a poster board that says "Go The Bear") and our stickers waiting to be put on it. We bought our last package of diapers. He picked out his treat at BJ's (which is like Sam's and Cosco), but that's a whole other issue. The ground work is being laid.

*Positive attitude. I am relatively zen about life. I really think I've handled all the craziness of the last month with grace. Or at least as much grace as possible. I did have to laugh when a non-military friend commented on how stable my life must be with Hubby in the military.

So, that's where I am. How are you doing? Still a work in progress? Leave them back in January?