As part of our pre-potty training process, I took The Bear to BJ's (which is a warehouse like Sam's or Cosco). I wanted to let him pick out his treat for when he used the potty. We talked the whole time there about how he would get to it "when he used the potty" which I'm sure all the people around us loved hearing.

He picked Skittles.

I didn't mind getting a big bag (instead of those small ones at the grocery store), because I know it's going to take a while. I doubt he'll catch on with 20 Skittles.

I had been waiting to open it until he used the potty, but we were having a dry spell. I decided to open the bag and give him one and reiterate that when he goes potty, he'll get more.

Wouldn't you know. He doesn't like Skittles. He spit it out immediately.

Not only do I have green Skittle dye all over the place, but I have 57 ounces of Skittles.
So much for that plan!