being real

I like to be liked. I'm thinking most people do.

I used to be fairly honest with my thoughts. At least with my close friends. The whole Hubby in the Navy thing has taught me to bite my tongue. Holy moly have there been times where I've almost lost it. Hubby, don't worry. Not completely destroying your career with my honesty. :-)

I've noticed myself holding back my opinions sometimes even on here. Seriously, how lame is that. I'm not writing things because I'm afraid of upsetting people out in the world that I don't even know. Am I seriously that much in need of approval?

All bets are off this week though. Should you be easily offended or can't close a window when you think I'm wrong, please don't check back until next week. Feel free to express your own opinions in the comments. Just be polite. I love a good debate; I don't love name calling or just being mean.

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