too fast

There have already been a million and two times when I'm glad that both my kids are boys. It just seems . . . easier?

I think there's an overprotective part of parenting that makes boys easy. Bikinis on little girls drive me nuts. Short shorts are gross. Keep that little baby skin covered up, please. It made me sad to realize that size 7 girl shorts are shorter than The Bear's 2T shorts. Seriously.

I'm all for fun momma & daughter bonding. Spa days aren't in the future for the boys and me. I did find it a bit odd that moms seem to be taking itty bitties to get their nails done. What age is it appropriate to get a manicure or pedicure? No experience on this one; I just think 2 and 3 seems so young.

Are little girls growing up too fast? Or am I not going fast enough?

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MrsPnut said...

I'm with you on this one... I'm not sure about the nail polish... i have friends that paint their little girls toes... fingers bug me b/c they go in their mouth still...
But yuck about the bikini...

I really can't believe the clothes that are out there for girls and for teens.

I really think that schools should all do uniforms.. helps with kids self esteem (not having to worry about fitting in, more on studies) and you don't have to worry about girls dressing "sexy" to attract boys

(does that make sense?)