milspouse friday fill in

Wifey at Wife of a Sailor is hosting a weekly fill in to meet other mil spouses . . . er mil wives since I have yet to see a military husband's blog. But maybe they do exist.

Because honestly who doesn't love these things. They bring me back 1998 when AOL was the only way you got online.

This week's questions:

1. How did you and your spouse meet?
In college. We met twice. I don't remember the first time, but he does.
So his us meeting story was in October 2004. His roommate was running a marathon. I wanted to go to Olive Garden. I convinced his roommate to go to there the Thursday before to fill up on carbs. I told him to invite his roommate (future Hubby) while I was listing a bunch of people he could invite. We were poor college kids; Olive Garden was an event. Hubby came - along with 13 or so other people. He remembers me. Not so much remembering on this side.

My us meeting story was in September 2005. He was joining the service organization I was in (which was how I had known his roommate). I constantly invited him to things (I'm an inviter), he constantly said no (he's a bit more studious than I). Eventually, he invited me somewhere and we've been inseparable ever since.

We started dating in November of that year and were married October 2006.

2. What's the best thing about being a MilSpouse?
The adventure. We get to go places and experience things most people never do. The Bear was on 4 continents before he was a year old. I love that. We get to re-fall in love every time he comes home. There aren't many marriages out there where you get butterflies like we do. And, while he is gone a lot, we jam as much into his time home possible. We appreciate our family time and really cherish that.

3. What's the hardest thing about being a MilSpouse?
Not knowing what's going on. I'm a planner. I need to plan. I remember our pastor said how great it was I was marrying someone in the military because I do well with stability. I'm not sure what military he was thinking of, but it sure wasn't the US Navy. Where are we moving? When are we moving? When is he coming home? Can we go to this? You never know.

4. What is your favorite dish?
Going to show my classy nature with this answer. Honestly, grilled cheese (or toasted cheese for you southerners), french fries and a Coke Icee. I guess that's not a dish, but it's more of a meal. I'm a french fry fanatic. Like if FFA existed I would be there. Highlight of my trip to Paris was not the fancy schmancy meals. It was eating french fries on the Eiffel Tower. (Yes, I am really that lame.) Yes, I know they aren't really french. Pizza wasn't created in Chicago, but you have to eat it while you're there, too.

5. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
I would like all mean people to have a giant M on their forehead. Some people are mean and will never be happy. I've accepted that. We're all different, and I don't think I would want to change people. But, a little warning that a mean person is coming at you would be nice. One of those "it's not me, it's you" things.


Anonymous said...

Mmm... I love fair fries with vinegar! My dad taught me that and now my husband eats them that way.

I love the "M" idea!

Thanks for participating... I hope you join us next week!

SpitFire said...

Mmmm French Fries. With salt. *sigh* I'm hungry now lol...my brother makes some killer fries too.

Sespi said...

I'm kind of a french fry addict too. That's why I have to stay away from Red Robin and their never ending frency fry refills...lol.

Anonymous said...