Let me start with reminding you (and myself) that I love my child.

This story is reason 4,378 why planning ahead really just creates more work for me.

Saturday, I realized Hubby's car hadn't been driven in a while. It had been about 3 weeks which is really longer than I had intended. The Bear has a car seat in it, but I have to switch The Monkey's over to drive it. It really was just a hassle I didn't want to deal with.

It was nice weather and the boys were both in relatively good moods when we got home Saturday afternoon. I decided to pull Hubby's car over and switch The Monkey's car seat so it would be all ready for us to go to church today.

I pulled Hubby's car into the drive way (he parks it across the street since we live in a duplex and only have a one car driveway/garage. I opened up all the doors to air it out while I was installing the car seat. The Bear climbed into his car seat and had fun in "dada's ar". He thinks he's a big shot now that he can get into the seat by himself.

I went to sleep proud of myself for being so well prepared and saving us from the inevitable Sunday morning rush.

This morning, we get ready and are on way to early church on time. Does this ever happen? I get the boys both in their seats and go to start the car.

It sounds funny, but I'm not really paying much attention to the car because The Bear is screaming for his Cheerios.

I put the car in reverse and realize we're going backwards. But, only because our driveway has a slight hill. The engine is off and thus the gas pedal (and power steering) has no effect.

I stop the car halfway into the street. Turn it off. Try again. And again. And again for good measure. I then get the boys out of the car. We live on a quiet street, but I'm not a fan of leaving them hanging out in the middle of it.

Call a friend who is amazing and comes over in 10 minutes to help me jump it. She teaches me how to jump a car.

I take it an auto place and they check the battery. They said it's fine. Something was a bit low, but nothing major. They asked if it had sat for awhile, and I'm silently cursing myself for letting it sit there for 3 weeks.

Come home because we have now obviously missed church. Hang out at home all day.

Tonight, I was taking The Puppy out and saw the light on in the car.

The back lights. The ones right by The Bear's car seat. The ones he can reach when he's getting into this seat.

The ones that he turned on Saturday and caused the battery to die.
The ones that stayed on all of Sunday and caused the battery to die again.

I went inside to grab the keys to check to see if I could start the car. Nope. It was indeed dead again.

We'll be jumping the car again tomorrow morning.
And, checking the car lights every time we exit the car.