opinionated: baby names

After yesterday's honesty, I'm not feeling as heavy today.

Same disclaimer of sorts. These are my opinions. Not any group I'm associated with. Not the Navy's (because you know there are crazy people out there that make connections like that at then yell at me - that's a whole different post though). You're welcome to disagree. In fact, I welcome it. Just be polite.

I'm a name snob. I love traditional names for people. If you want to be weird and spell things wrong, get a dog. He won't be applying for any jobs.

I love classic, traditional names. I like names that you can spell when you say. It's the yearbook editor in me. While there are fine names like Kristin, you will constantly be going through life as "Kristin with an i". And, please do not take a normal name like Christopher and spell it Kristafer. Seriously. Just don't.

You can be different without being weird.

But that's just my opinion. What's yours?


MrsPnut said...

I'm the same way. I like traditional.

I remember trying to pick a name for our son (we discussed names before we knew he was a HE) and my husband was coming up with the strangest names and spellings of names!

But, having a name that is so common sucks too... I was always at least 2 other "____" in the class!

Individuality is nice too...

Jen said...

Totally agree with the comment above. I LOVE traditional names, but also hate having a common name. There was always at least 1-2 other Jens, Jennys, Jennifer's in my classes at school. Even when I started working, one of my jobs I was one of 4 Jennifers.

I went off of what kind of nicknames they could give my child. I went with Alexis cause the only names I could think of were "Lexus" like the car, or sexy Lexi which I am sure she would prefer more than some other nicknames kids could rhyme other names with!

Kassandra said...

There are just some names that I HATE and think "that poor kid" when I hear them.

My mom named me Kassandra, and people usually only hear the Sandra part or have to be told it is with a K and 2 s's. Its a pain to have to spell it out all the time.

At least it isn't as silly as a name like Nevaeh o_O

Blessing said...

I believe a name should have a meaning. I was named Blessing for a reason and I named my daughter Camille because it means "someone with an unblemished character".....there should be so much to a name. Not just for the fun of it. I see people name their children White, Green, etc...so not cool. Some traditional names have good meaning, so its okay to go that route too.

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