super bear!

I decided The Bear needed a cape. Despite all my fears of raising little boys, I've decided it pretty much rocks.

And, seriously, what 2 year old boy doesn't want to be a super hero? Heck, what 30 year old boy doesn't want to be a super hero?

I was putting away laundry while trying to figure out something to sew and realized we no longer need the 3,012 swaddling blankets. The Monkey is too big for them, and he doesn't spit up on 27 each day anymore anyways.

2 swaddling blankets - the cheap kind that come in a set from Target
A small piece of velcro
30 minutes
I made him a cape.

Figure out the size you want. I ended up cutting about 5 inches off one of the sides. I could have skipped this stage, but I needed to get the elephant off. Not quite sure the small, peeling elephant screamed super hero.

Using the part I cut off of the patterned blanket I cut out a "T" like the "S" for Superman. You can make whatever letter fits your child (or husband).
Stitch the letter onto the plainer blanket (solid green in our case). You get all fancy and put interfacing before you sew. I realized this was for a 2 year old and probably not worth the effort.
Sew the right sides together almost all the way around. Flip it right side out and sew the opening closed.

Cut some velcro tabs (or use those handy dandy velcro squares). Put one on each side of the fabric. So top right corner of patterned and top right corner of the plain. If this makes no sense, but the cape on you and you'll get why you need one on each side.
Insert your future super hero. Enter a phone booth should you feel that necessary. Or know where a phone booth still exists.

*I know the color in these pictures is way off. It was late and I was using my old camera. You get the idea though :-)


Kristen Andrews said...

very cute!

Jen said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and just thought I would say "Hello!" This is such a fun idea. I wish I knew how to sew cause I have a little 2 year old that would LOVE this :)