525,600 Minutes

Today the bear turned one. We brought in his second year of life with a festive little party. We were lucky enough to have my best friend fly in for the shindig and quite a few of our new friends were in attendance. Even with Hubby gone, I think he had a pretty good day. He was surrounded by people that love him, was spoiled with presents, went to bed with a tummy full of cake in a warm house. I think we covered all the bases.

The last 525,600 minutes have been a learning adventure for both of us. He was born at 2:49 PM and was brought back to us almost exactly a year ago. It was a rough trip to venture out to the world for the bear, and I am so glad he's gotten so strong. He is one healthy, happy boy. For that I will always be thankful.

I have many big dreams for the little boy. None of them involve tangibles. None of them are easy to verbalize. I hope over the next 17 years I am able to teach them some and let him learn others by himself.

May you always be able to make a mess and have fun with life.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!