Supermodels abound

Every mom thinks their child is adorable/cute/beautiful/handsome/insert whatever attractive based word you want here. Hence the millions of baby clothes that say "Cutie" and "Handsome" that exist.

Every person is not cute. The logical next step is that every child is not cute.

I am part of that every that thinks my baby is pretty adorable. I am terrified of sending pictures of to people who don't want them or make comments about it. I will admit it; I judge your child when you send me their picture. I don't care if you think the bear is cute. I do. But, I'm not going to pawn photos off on anyone.

This may sound super rude. It's not meant to be. Not everyone is pretty. Not everyone is smart. Not everyone has amazing artistic ability. Not everyone can pitch at 90 mph. We all have something though. I will always encourage the bear to try things and to do what he loves. I am always on a hunt to find those shirts that say "Genius" and "Plays well with others". While I tell him he's cute, I also make sure to stress the smart and nice parts, too. It's a tough lesson to learn though that we can't all be astronauts and ballerinas when we grow up though.

Are all the other moms convinced their children are part of that cute percentage? Do they not see it or not want to admit it? Why can't we be proud of what our children can do in addition to how they look?