I miss hubby dearly. When I get super crabby, it helps to think of the good things about the situation. After all there are always pros & cons in every situation.

Here are some of the pros.
-WAY less laundry
-Our relationship is stronger (I guess that should be more important than the less laundry part, but you can see what gets me excited)
-I can go to bed whenever I want and not freakishly early. Hubby has to wake up at an inhumane hour so he's normally asleep by 9:30 pm. I much prefer the midnight time frame.
-I can sleep at a diagonal
-No dirty dishes in the sink when I wake up. He has this thing about leaving his cereal bowl in the sink every morning instead of putting it in the dish washer.
-I eat less
-I get to eat junk for meals and no one knows
-Jammies become perfectly acceptable attire for me and The Bear on those yucky weather days when we aren't going anywhere
-No one to justify that Target mini shopping spree to
-If I don't feel like cleaning up one day, there are no witnesses
-I can watch what I want on TV when I want to. No need to DVR Bravo and TLC anymore
-We can eat when we're hungry and not have to wait until hubby gets off of work
-I get to go get the mail every day
-4 pillows all for me
-The Puppy gets to sleep in bed with me
-Getting email becomes amazing
-No one to share my dessert with (although it has to be after 8 pm or The Bear feels he's entitled to some)
-I get to have girl talk with the other wives at night at not worry about interrupting family time
-LONG baths at night without guilt for not spending our few hours a day awake together
-No mean comments on my pink fuzzy slippers
-The ability to be flexible in my scheduling . . . well as flexible as you can be with a 12 month old

The cons list will come tomorrow.

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.Becca. said...

That list is perfection.

I agree with 99%. I can't take baths in our bathroom because the water leaks out. Must get that fixed.