I like plans. A lot. I like big dreams. I like having high hopes. Hence, my yearly obsession with creating resolutions. But, you know plans change :-)

For 2009, I wanted to "waste less". A bit big on the changing your life scale, but I think I made some progress. My aim was not only one to better the environment (I have a green, crunchy side to me), but to also waste less time. Waste less energy on things that don't matter. Waste less of myself. There's always room for improvement, but I consider it an overall achieved resolution.

My goals for 2010 are a little different. I switched to using the term goals because resolutions are much harder to keep come February.

* I want to have plans. I'm going to make Hubby sit down with me and actually create (and stick to) a budget. He has dreams of going to law school, and the sooner we start planning for that the better. Part of the budgeting is me being faithful in my meal planning. It's not hard, and I actually enjoy having a menu. One less decision each day is wonderful.

* I want to spend individual time with each boy every day. I'm not talking hours every day (there are only 24 of those in a day). Taking 5 minutes to sit down with one of them and read a book is important to me though. I want each of them to have that undivided attention. It will also be something I can check off the "I'm an okay mommy" list. No matter how awful I feel as a mom, I can rest assured that at least that was done.

* I want to read 26 books. This is one book every 2 weeks which is doable. I read (this should be pronounced in the past tense) when Hubby was gone, but I don't often read when he's home. I love reading though. It's also something for myself. With the two little ones and a deployment looming, I need to give myself ways to recharge my batteries.

* I want to take care of myself. Once I get the all clear to start exercising from the doctor, I want to get into a routine. I'll have to stick to a DVD at home and my Wii Fit until June when I can start taking the boys to the YMCA. They have child care available, but kiddos have to be 6 months old.

* I want to potty train The Bear. Not a shocking or impressive feat since he'll be about 2 and a half before I realistically get around to it. It will be a big change for us though. And, it doesn't hurt to have one thing on the list that I know is going to get done.

* I want to maintain a positive attitude. There are going to be the days where I am completely overwhelmed - remember that whole 2 small ones and a deployment approaching thing - but I can do it. There are going to be days where the Navy tests my patience to no end - but there is an end and my frustration isn't going to change anything. I know I will slip up and have my grouch moments, but I really want to do my best to keep it all in perspective.

Those are them. I'm sure you were all waiting on the edge of your seats to hear my big aspirations. It helps me to write it down though. I need to be held accountable. Even if it is just by myself.