When it rains, It pours

Today was one of those days when I thought the world was going to end. Now, I'm not like The Bear who feels this way every time he's not eating dinner by 5:05 pm.

I was sick. Very sick. I have no idea why, but my friend who was at the meeting last night had the exact same thing. I'm over it now, but it was a rough 12 hours.

Any time I stood up or sat up, I had extreme nausea. I was throwing up most of the day. The nail in the coffin came around 3 pm.

I ran into the bathroom knowing the goal was just to get there quickly. Of course, The Bear and Puppy had to follow me in, because they ALWAYS follow me in. I can't wait for Hubby to be home so I can go to the washroom by myself. Anyways, I am not throwing up with The Bear and Puppy on my lap. If you've never done this, you are lucky. If you have, you understand. I knew there was a short break before I would throw up again so I flush the toilet.

It's clogged.

The OMG moment has hit. I plop The Bear next to me so I can quickly stand up and scurry to another bathroom. What does The Bear do? For the very first time ever, he flushes the toilet. Now I have water overflowing all over the place and about 2.3 seconds to get to a different bathroom.

Luckily, my quick mom reflexes enabled me to pick up The Bear before he is covered in pukey water. I'm glad today is over. I'm ready for Hubby to be home.