I totally just realized how long 6 months is.

It's been less than that, and I'm amazed at what Hubby has missed already. Not the small family stuff (big to me, but not majorly exciting to someone who lives outside a world of diapers and sippy cups).

Obama has been inaugurated.
Blagojevich got into some trouble.
Obama was the President Elect, and Bush took a "vacation". (I'm not blaming Bush for that one. He's had 8 years of being yelled at with no one to pass the buck to. After 5 months of diapers, I'm ready to pass The Bear off for a few hours. Besides, there are enough other things to remember him by.)
Obama was elected.
The economy went ca-put.
The Cubs went to the postseason (This is a major event for us)
Republican convention.
McCain picked Palin for VP (That was fun to explain in an email to Hubby who was obsessed with McCain. Who is she? He picked a girl? From Alaska?)
Democratic convention.
Obama picked Biden for VP.

Doesn't that seem so very long ago? Add into that mix, all our birthdays, our anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not too much longer to wait!