Because I can

I am that mother. You know me. You might have a mom like me. Maybe you are like me.

The Bear is pretty adorable. Sometimes though, he does things that I know will completely embarrass him in the future. I am presented with the choice of quietly moving on and respecting him as a person. OR I can whip out my camera to document it.

We were hanging out in my (and hubby's) bathroom. By hanging out, I mean I was getting ready and The Bear was unrolling all the toilet paper. I wasn't paying complete attention. I knew he was unrolling toilet paper and making a mess. I was just handling it and trying to get ready faster than my normal 5.2 second average.

I look over and see this:

To which I am completely mortified that my son is playing with tampons. (Not mortified enough to snatch them away and not take a picture, but you get the idea)

The Bear finally looks up at me and offers me one.

I am fully aware of the ramifications of this post and am willing to pay the therapy bills in 15 years. Right now, I just think it's funny though.


d.a.r. said...

Oh my gosh I am peeing my pants laughing!!! My brother did that once when he was little, and my mom has pictures of him coming out of the bathroom covered in panty liners from head to toe. He thought they were "stickers". Hahaha!

daniella said...

I don't know how old your lil Bear really is, but Charlie still loves to play with my tampots at 17 months. Oh, and good job for weaning him off the pacifier! I'm jealous. I never had the energy and determination to do it and now she's more attached to it than ever.

And thanks for laughing with me (and not at me) at my spray tanning incident :-)

Anonymous said...