Friday Night Adventures

Last night, I braved the cold and hauled myself and a snowsuited Bear to go to Target. We didn't need anything, but I needed to get out of the house and walk about. Besides, who doesn't love Target (in spite of their awful return policy, Target holds a dear place in my heart).

They had a lot of their baby gear on sale. The clothes weren't anything to write home about, but some of the strollers were mega marked down. They had the double stroller I have been obsessed with for super cheap. It was $42! It's normally $170. I must confess, I am not pregnant. I have one child. I would like to have another baby in the near future, but since hubby is deployed it's going to be a bit before we can even try. How could I not buy it though? It's the kind where The Bear can sit, kneel or stand in the back half. His part will hold up to 40 pounds which will be when he's 13 at this rate. I felt so foolish buying it now, but it was just too good to pass up. Yes, I am that shopper retailers love. I also can admit that if we don't need it, I can probably sell it on craigslist for virtually the same price I paid. It will be hard to get to that stage and part with it, but I'm not going into this completely delusional.

We also had dinner out. It was just Pizza Hut, but it was fun to eat out. I was a little peeved at the less than friendly wait staff. I walked in carrying The Bear, and the hostess says as loudly as possible, "Just one." No, not one. Can you see this thing I'm carrying. He's a person. And, can you not point out to the world that I am the only adult. I know I'm oversensitive about this. I miss Hubby tons. I would guess that most people dining alone on a Friday night would be though. As were eating dinner, 2 old ladies pass our table. I can see them looking at my hand to see if I have a ring on. Yes. I do. I am happily married. Please keep your judgmental opinions to yourself.

I miss Hubby. He can reassure me when I'm feeling silly. He can defend me when people are just rude. Not too much longer though :-)