If Target bums you out

Don't shop at Toys R Us!

Target has quite the stingy return policy now. I have no idea when it switched over to the YOU MUST HAVE A RECEIPT world, but I am not a fan. On the bright side, they will give you 2 per year without a receipt as long as it's less than $30. They scan you driver's license which seems a bit big brotherish to me, but I'm a good citizen so I have nothing to hide.

I tried to return a toy to Toys R Us (a Fisher Price ball thingy I know they carry), and I was met with less than cooperative people. They can do nothing for you if you don't have a receipt. NOTHING! All I wanted was a nice little store credit. If The Bear gets one more toy, I think we will need to move into a bigger house. With his birthday and Christmas so close together (yes, my fault not his), our house is busting at the seams. I do recommend Target's Itso storage system, but there are only so many things a 13 month old can play with.

What's with all the less than helpful return policies? I know the economy is stinky, but I know I'll be much more hesitant to buy things when it's a pain in my tush to return them!