44th Reflections

Here are some random thoughts about the little shin dig that happened today.

-Obama and I have the same carafe! It was next to him by his seat. I wish I cold feel special, but it's from Crate & Barrel. I'm guessing there are million other people who are just like me and O.

-In every military building, there are pictures of the chain of command at the front. Of course, the President is at the top. Do you think all the pictures have been replaced yet? When will they be? The constitution dictates the offical change over at noon regardless of the time of the oath. WhiteHouse.gov was updated at 12:01 PM.

-I know Michelle was seated in the row behind Barack so they could do that awesome shot of the top of them. But seriously, if Hubby was elected President I would want to be sitting next to him.

-People were moving all about during the National Anthem. Obama has been well trained. He snapped to attention. He really is groomed for the position and ready for photographs. He is an amazing public speaker, too.

-When The Bear saw the Navy choir, he said DaDa. I'm not sure if it was random or if he recognized the uniform.

-Michelle and Laura need to button their coats. I know they want to show off their coats, but be practical! Both boys are all buttoned up (Obama is showing a bit more shirt than George is though). I love that no matter what you have your stereotypical red tie and blue tie.

-It really reminds me of a wedding. SO much planning for less than an hour.

-I am glad that so many people care. Yes, this is history being made. But doesn't that happen with every inaguration? Actually - doesn't it happen every day? Every day is a chance to build our own history. Regardless of who is President.