There are things I know I can do. I know I need to do them. I know I will do them. It's just the actually doing that scares the heck out of me.

One of those things: Grocery shopping with both little boys.

Yes, I know there are moms out there with 200 kids (or you know 19) who think only taking 2 kids to the grocery store would be a breeze. In all fairness, I doubt half of them are a testing 2 year old and the other half is a 2 month old without a real schedule.

I conquered the beast today. I had just fed The Monkey. Stopped at Wendy's for some "kicken" nuggets for The Bear. Loaded up the cart and headed in to the store. We hadn't been to the store in a month so we were definitely low on everything. I had a master list. I had planned out our meals for the next month to minimize the trips there.

We did it. I wore The Monkey in my Moby wrap. The Bear dominated the seat. We had an overflowing cart with only one short outburst. (The Bear saw cookies and wanted them. I gave in. We bought the cookies.)

It wasn't that hard. It was just intimidating. I'm not Super Mom, but at least now we can eat.


MrsPnut said...

Good job!!! I get nervous just taking my ONE to the store myself!! Be proud, because today, you were super mom!! hehe!

tristasbarn said...

Hi. I am following you from MBC. You have a very nice blog.

Heather said...

Good for you!! I dread taking my 2 grocery shopping too. One of these days it will get easier right?

Andrea said...

Very nice! Good job!!

I did the same with my two last week. I always go first thing in the morning before naptime.

Anonymous said...