With Hubby gone and both boys sleeping well at night, I've become a bit crafty. I like having a finished product to show for my day. While I love being a SAHM, I don't really get to see the result for about 16 more years.

The other night, my guilt finally got the better of me so I decided to finally finish The Monkey's baby blanket. I crocheted The Bear's. I have this strong need to be fair, and so I knew I had to make The Monkey's. Crocheting didn't sound fun this time (maybe because I still remember doing The Bear's). I had bought a little kit with fabric back in October and finally did it.

I have no idea why I felt the need to stay up until 1 am finishing it when I had waited until he was almost 3 months old to start it.

It's not quilted - just sewn together. It's not perfect by a long shot. It is warm and snuggly and made with love though. My lack of sleep that night was totally worth it the next day when he cuddled on in during his nap.

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