favorite photo friday

This has been one crazy, emotional week. My camera and I trucked along though. It's the little things that can make life seem stable.

Favorite of The Bear: Last weekend, we went to the Children's Museum. If you're ever in Boston and have kiddos, you need to go. We were able to meet one of The Bear's favorite characters - Curious George. He was in awe of him :-)

Favorite of The Monkey: He's such a smiley baby now. I have tons of him with the biggest grins that light up his whole face. We had a mini photo shoot on the couch on Wednesday. He was having so much fun "sitting" like a big boy. There are a bunch of him grinning, but this one took my breath away. He's not a baby anymore. I can not believe how mature he looks. You can see the little boy in him now.


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