How is it only 11 am?

The Bear is being 2. Limited patience, loud noises and lots of "no" and "mine".
The Monkey has an upset tummy. He's spitting all over the place and wanting to be held constantly.
The Puppy is barking at the 2 moving trucks on our street. (More specifically, he's barking at all the workers who are standing about that came with the 2 moving trucks.)

It's going to be a long day.

If we all survive, I will consider that an accomplishment.
Here's hoping to a long nap and lots of patience!


Kitty said...

good luck, love your blog btw

Mom of Many said...

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Amy Snell said...

Hey...we dont know each other, I actually came across your blog because I accidently hit "next blog" on my blog page and your blog came up :) Your family is adorable so I hope you dont mind me following you :) Many of your days sound like mine :) Hope your day gets easier!!

xoxo Amy

Anonymous said...