2010: Month 1

1 month ago, I posted my 2010 goals (does that year still look funny to anyone else?). I figured I'll attempt to keep myself on track by publicly listing how we are. Yes, we. Most of my goals are family goals. That's what happens when you're a momma.

*Plans. Well. We talked about them. Sort of. They change a lot. It's often dependent on Hubby's day at work. Some days it's "I'm totally doing this until I hit 20 years". Some days it's "I want out today". We have a couple of different game plans though. It works. Budget - not so much. Meal planning - works when Hubby's home. When he's gone, all bets are off. I really do need to work on that.

*Individual time with each boy. I've done this. Granted, it hasn't been reading a book to The Monkey every day. I read to him alone some, but normally "his" book is shared with The Bear. I am making it a point to give The Monkey special snuggles and just hang out with him for a little bit every day.

*Read 26 books. I'm actually doing this. I love to read. It's just getting myself to the library to make it all happen. I added a running tally on the sidebar to help keep tabs on myself. I've finished 3 so far and am so close on number 4. I stayed up until 2 last night reading. Not the most responsible thing when I have 2 little ones who wake up early, but it makes me feel like me.

*Take care of myself. I bought a work out DVD. I did it. Once. It wasn't that strenuous (except the jumping jacks. Those hurt a lot when you're nursing.) I just need to fit it into my routine.

*Potty train The Bear. This one isn't going to be worked on until deployment since he takes change so hard. He is starting to tell me when he needs a new diaper and giving me a little heads up when he has to go. The problem is sometimes it's 2 seconds before and sometimes it's 30 minutes before. He learned the word "potty" and knows what it means so we're laying the ground work. I need to figure out what system will work for us.

*Positive attitude. Some days I fail. But, these are things that are supposed to take a year, right? I am doing my best and feeling especially zen lately. It's important for me to remember the things that really matter to me. And, who really matters to me. Hubby, The Bear and The Monkey are first. We're stuck with each other for life, so I might as well put the most energy and effort into those people.

That's where I am. Making progress with a ways to go.

How have you been doing on your resolutions?


Heather said...

Sounds like you're doing well on your resolutions! I read somewhere that the average date that most people abandon their New Year's Resolutions is February 13. I'm doing pretty well with mine this year, better than usual. Keep it up!

MrsPnut said...

I'm doing pretty good :) I've started drinking more water (still need to drink more!)
We've started the process of our renovations...
And I'm trying to be a better mom!


Andrea said...

random read:
your goals are similar to mine...family related.
my 3 goals are
1. Potty train Layla
2. Break the binky-need
3. Get a second car

So far we are doing well.
1. Training panties/pullups, knows how to flush and put tp in the potty...but doesnt tell me in time.
2. Binky is only used when sleeping! Yay!
3. Still working on it.....

Rose Harbour said...

Your staying up until 2 is so understandable. Funny story: I have a friend who used to live in western Canada. The roads in Saskatchewan are straight as an arrow and there is apt to be no oncoming traffic for mile after mile. She would put the car on autopilot and steer only enough to keep the car from going into the ditch. Propped up on the steering wheel--a book!

Anonymous said...