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I am super excited I was chosen as a BuzzMama for Mabel's Labels! The count of people that think I'm cool now is at 3 - Mabel, my mom and The Monkey. (I lost all coolness in the eyes of of The Bear today when I told him he couldn't have cookies as his dinner.)
I've been a fan of Mabel's Labels for a while now, but I was being cheap and using masking tape and my label maker every morning to mark The Bear's things. He's starting pre-school this fall and I knew I needed to step up the labeling. The Monkey will be using sippy cups soon, too. Tracking 2 sippies during playdates AND 2 little ones it just asking for a meltdown. I LOVE their sticky labels (and The Bear loves the train icons). The bag tags are totally the next on the buy list. How cute will that look on The Bear's backpack next year?
You really should check them out. If not to order, at least look at how pretty the world is all colored coded and labeled. I do have some awesome coupons if you are interested in trying them out. Leave a comment, and I can get you the codes.

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Caitlin Jean said...

Welcome to the Mabelhood! I hope you have a blast being a Buzzmama for Mabel's Labels. We totally think you are cool
: )
Caitlin from Mabel's Labels