grand names

There is a part of my family that is slightly dysfunctional. Well, I guess they function. It's just not your typical functioning.

I ended up having a lot of grandparents. Like a lot. 11 of them. The result was a lot of grandparent nicknames.

My mom's mom: Nanny (pronounced non-e)
My mom's dad: Grandpa
My mom's stepmom: Vi (her first name. They didn't get married until my mom was about my age now.)

My father's mom: Grandma
My father's stepdad: Bill
My father's dad: Grandpa Forrest (yes, his real name is Forrest)
My father's stepmom: Granny

My stepdad's mom: Ba-Chan (Japanese for grandma)
My stepdad's dad: Dad's dad (he died before my mom met my stepdad)

My stepmom's mom: Grandma F*
My stepmom's dad: Grandpa F*

The Bear and The Monkey have 6 grandparents none of which are Grandma or Grandpa. Nanny & Poppy, Grammy & PaPaw and Papa & Nana.

What do you have? What do you envision yourself being called once you reach that stage in life?


MrsPnut said...

I don't have that many, but that reminds me of my family!
But all of the grandma's are *Grandma "Last Name"*
Right now my son calls my grandma Nana and calls my mom "Muh" because he can't say Grandma (which she wants to be called)
He calls my dad Papa... I never knew any of my grandfathers...
I think I would like to be called Grammy or Gram... something "cool" and not old lady-ish ;)

Kassandra said...

I had 8 grandparents and 2 great grandparents growing up. Only one pair was divorced and my Grams never remarried, and her husband I met when I was 2 apparently, but we talk to his 3rd ex wife still, although we don't call her anything special.

Mom's mom: Grammie
Mom's G-ma: Gaga
Mom's dad: Grandpa Adams (last name)

Dad's mom: Grandma
Dad's dad: Grandpa
Dad's step-grandma: Grandma Jeanie

Step dad's mom: Peema
Step dad's dad: Peepa (he was British)

Step mom's mom: Grandma Lois
Step mom's dad: Grandpa Jack

My kids have 6 granparents, and 5 surviving great grandparents. We kinda just passed on some of the names we had as kids.

Mom: Grammie
Grammie: Gaga
Dad: Grampa
Step mom: Grammie Linda
Step dad: Grampie Steve
DH mom: Nana
DH dad: Papa
Step mom's mom: Gigi
Step mom's dad: G pa

And the rest we haven't really seen much of, so we haven't established new names yet.

I am only 23 so I don't even want to think of what my grandkids in the future would call me, haha!

mic_comte said...

Maltese is a good name for a dog, especially if it's a bichon maltais.

Amy Snell said...

Cute!! my kids call their grandparents:

Hubby's dad: Papa
Hubby's mom: Nana

My dad: Grandpa
My mom: Grammy