favorite photo friday

Spring makes me take lots of pictures. I guess having two adorable (at least I think) little boys helps in the picture taking department.

Favorite of The Bear: I make The Monkey's solid food. Well, I make his milk too, but that's a whole different type of picture. The Bear is big into "my turn" and "helping" me. The 2s are lovely. He was pretty adorable helping me puree the sweet potatoes. We have a learning tower that he's standing on. He had to have his apron on, because I had mine on.

Favorite of The Monkey: He can sit up! I can't believe my little boy can sit up already. I know you're not supposed to compare kids, but I keep thinking that The Monkey is doing this way before The Bear did. The Monkey can go about 4-5 minutes sitting without toppling over. We had a mini photo session Thursday to capture his new skill. I love his "yeah, this is no big deal, mom" expression.

And, post topple I got this picture. It's such a classic baby shot. I changed the colors to give it an old fashioned vibe. I just want to give him a big kiss!

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