including momma: day 2

Emily from the anderson crew issued a challenge to take pictures of the mommas AND the kids every day this week.

Today is a better day. No puking. Lots of smiles. And, simultaneous nap times. Thank you, God.

We had more fun taking pictures today. The Bear kept asking for "more cheese" meaning "please take more pictures of me darling mother" in Bear-ese. I figured out the timer on my camera. Which really means, I figured out there was a timer on my camera and then how to use it. The camera was on a blanket on a container of cupcakes on the ottoman. I lost the top of my head, but that's fine by me. The Bear is showing off an old Subway toy he found that flashes. The Monkey is enthralled with The Bear as usual.


Amy H. said...

I love today's shot! Isn't this such a great challenge?!

My sling is a Slingling. It is a watersling, but I use it in the summer since it is breathable. It was from Buggie so it is 4 yrs old {poor Bean second child syndrome!}, not sure if she still carries this one. But I have 3 of her slings and LOVE them, they fold nice and neat.

Love "seeing" you this week!

KK said...

So cute! I love bers shirt! I just got that one for Landon! Sub stuff is everywhere this year!

emily said...

yah for no puking! and yah for pictures with momma!