including MY momma

Taking pictures of me and the boys has made me look through old pictures of me and my momma. 99% of the pictures are back at their house so I'm sure there are more there. These are my favorites that were scanned into my computer. Don't mind the big glasses, acid washed jeans or bad haircuts. :-)

1985. I honestly have no idea who took this picture. This was when we were in the just the two of us stage. So glad she included herself.

1991. I was learning how to roller skate. I had also just had surgery and had 11 teeth pulled so smiling wasn't something I liked to do.

1992. We had whip cream fights when I was a kid. It involved paper plates full of whipped cream, lots of chasing each other, and huge messes.

2004. Oh yes. We're such goofs. We were on one of our last family vacations. I have no idea what we were doing besides being goofy in the hotel room.

1990. My favorite picture of all time of the two of us. Me and my momma.
Thanks for including yourself, Momma. I love you.


Deb K said...

I am now following you from MBC :-)

You can find me here~


emily said...

oh my...i LOVE that last picture.

such wonderful memories you have with your mom :)