including momma: day 1

Emily from the anderson crew issued a challenge for all the "momarazzi" out there. This week we're supposed to take pictures of us (the mommas) with one or more of the kiddos.

I almost totally gave up and didn't do it today. The Bear has been throwing up for the last 36 hours. I haven't showered since Saturday morning. Gross, but true. The only one that had real clothes on was The Monkey, and those only lasted until his diaper exploded.

Then, I realized that's okay. That's how our life is. My favorite pictures of me and my mom aren't the posed ones where she got all gussied up. Why not give the little ones pictures of how we are. We might not be pretty, but they are loved.

The Bear is obviously sick. He wouldn't smile for me.

A very blurry picture. But, a very us picture.


MrsPnut said...

cute idea!
I am so sorry to hear your little guy is sick! I hope he gets better soon!

emily said...

okay, no greater dedication than this...getting a photo while dealing with puke. wow! but you are so right when you say "this is our life"...it's a real thing, when you catch the good and the bad.
good for you!
hopefully the rest of your week gets better...
thanks for playing along!