mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!

Today was a roller coaster of emotions at our house.

Kiddos slept well last night and no one made a peep until 7:45 am.
Not the most amazing thing ever, but I'll take any small victory I can get.

Got everyone dressed and ready earlier than we needed to be (which NEVER happens) so we were able to stop by Dunkin Donuts for a yummy treat before church.
I'm thinking today is going to be a pretty amazing day.

The Bear freaked out when I tried to drop him off at Sunday School.
I have no idea what has gotten into him the last week or so, but I am not a fan of the attitude shift. He didn't cry for long, but it was an all out emotional breakdown. I was outside the room, but listening to it broke my heart.

I did great at bell practice. We played at the late service today so I was wide awake and loving the spring song.
Hello, perfect day. You're back.

A friend from MOPS was snuggling The Monkey and went to change him for me during church.
Thank you, gift from God!

While my MOPS friend was changing The Monkey, The Bear escaped from the nursery and had a full out melt down. While I'm trying to console him, the bell choir begins playing. Without me.
Feeling like I suck at life. Screaming 2 year old. Check. Left the choir director scrambling for a last second substitute. Check.

Came home. Hubby has hidden cards for me about the house for while he's deployed. I get every Saturday and then on the special days - like Easter and Mother's Day. My mom gives me the clue for today. I hunt. It's not there.
Sad, depressed Stephanie lays on the floor and cries. Seriously feeling that suck at life thing.

Everyone naps. Quiet comes over the house. I have a moment to think and ponder. Remember that The Bear is 2. He is not a mind reader. He didn't know that I had plans and I needed him to be perfectly behaved for those exact 3 minutes. I am a mother first.
Guilt passes over me. In the grand scheme of life, some things don't matter. Having The Bear know he is my number one is what really matters.

Dinner with my mom and a MOPS mommy who also has her Hubby gone. Bubbling with pride that my 2 year old is the best behaved kiddo in the bunch. He's sitting still, eating his food, and filling me with love.
I did something right.

We end our day playing with trains and reading books. The Bear tells me twice that he has to use the potty (all that apple juice at dinner will do that to you). He's now gone 3 weeks without an accident!
Content and full of love for my family.

I'm nursing The Monkey for one last time before bed. The Bear comes running into my room. He throws himself at me with a hug and a kiss. "Happy Mama Day" and he's off to bed.
It was a pretty amazing day. Lots of love and a few momma lessons along the way.


Kassandra said...

That is so awesome that your husband had such a great idea! Wish mine was thoughtful like that :p

I am sorry you didn't find the one you were supposed to today. But it sounds like after all was said and done, you had a great day with your little ones :)

Happy Mother's Day!

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