top ten tuesday {things to experience}

I decided it was time to start some dreaming again.

Top Ten Things I want to experience:

1. 4th of July in Boston. Can you get any more patriotic than that? They have people in costume and reenact things - like the Boston Tea Party. I'm a huge dork and a sucker for anything patriotic so this is right up my alley.

2. New Year's Eve in Times Square. Hubby gave the go ahead for us to one day do Boston on the 4th, but he thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do this one. He's not a fan of crowds. At all. I'm trying to convince him that this is the year we can do it. We would get two hotel rooms in NYC. One for my parents and one for us. We could leave the little ones with my parents and join in the mass chaos. I'm sure it's one of those anti-climatic things that's actually quite lame in person, but it's one of those things I want to see being lame in person.

3. Living in a foreign country. I was a foreign exchange student twice (Germany between my junior and senior year in high school and France the summer between sophomore and junior year of college). I love experiencing other cultures, and I think it would be awesome for the boys. My mother might hate me for taking them so far away, but I'm sure she would visit :-)

4. Be in all 50 states. I hit my 44th in 2003 and plateaued since then. I'm still missing Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. A move from here to Washington would solve most of that problem. Hint, hint: Mr. Navy.

5. Publishing a book. I have no story or any thing like that. I just think it would be so awesome to get a book published.

6. Having a home that's ours. 100% mine and Hubby's to do as we please with it.

7. Being in a wedding. I've never been in a wedding. Besides you know being the bride (and flower girl when I was 3). None of my super close friends are close to the getting married stage, my sort of close friends all had closer friends or huge families, and my Navy friends are already married.

8. A surprise party. I'm insanely nosey and don't let things just go. I think it would fun to have one big surprise.

9. Having a garden. I would love to be able to plant seeds, take care of them and then eat them!

10. A second honeymoon. I'm hoping for a huge, amazingly awesome, perfect vacation when Hubby gets out of the Navy. Not that I've built this up at all in my mind. I'm sure he can meet my expectations though :-)

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oh amanda said...

Those are great!! I have never thought of the 4th in Boston but that sounds so fun. And living in a foreign country---how cool that you were a foreign exchange student twice!

Love LOVE this list!

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