hello reality

The Monkey is 8 weeks old today. Crazy how fast the time has gone. I know it went by quickly with The Bear, but it seems to be so much faster this time.

Since he is 8 weeks old, I can no longer hold on to the excuse of "I just had a baby" for not working out. He's sleeping great. We're getting into a schedule. And, I'm just getting lazy. Since Hubby is always gone and I have 2 little ones, I'm relying on DVDs for now. (Our YMCA has childcare, but the kiddos have to be 6 months old.)

I just tried the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It was hard, but I was able to keep up. The only problem is that Jillian never had children and she sure as heck never nursed. Ever try to do jumping jacks while you're nursing? It hurts. A lot. I highly do not recommend it.

I then busted out the Wii Fit. I didn't use it to exercise today; I just weighed myself. Holy moly depressing. Our old fashioned scale gives you a little leeway (the little pointer is small and it's hard to read when you're standing on it). Mr Wii gives you the number nice and clear on the TV screen. I'm up 12.6 pounds from this time last year. Granted, that was the end of the deployment and I had been busting my butt. I weigh 6 pounds more than when I got pregnant with The Monkey which is a more realistic weight.

It's time to get my butt in gear.


MrsPnut said...

I tried "the shred" and I lasted about a week.. I hurt my foot and .... well like you said, I was nursing and it hurt!

I stopped and just started walking every day.. that at least stopped me from gaining but did nothing for me losing! I'm still up about 10 from pre-pregnancy and I think if I stopped eating my nightly cookies I might actually lose something ;)

I did start doing the WiiFit and I don't feel like it's much of a workout tho!

Anonymous said...