brotherly love

The Bear got a play kitchen for Christmas. He LOVES it. I knew he would like it since he always plays with his friends' kitchens, but I had no idea it would be such a hit (or I would end up with plastic food in every room of my house).

The other day, we were waiting for Hubby to come home for dinner. I was trying to stall The Bear as long as possible so I asked him to make us dinner in his kitchen. He went over and banged some pots and pans about. He brought me over a plate with some french fries and a cup to drink. I thanked him, pretended to eat my plastic dinner and then asked him about The Monkey's dinner.

He ran into our real kitchen and grabbed something (side note: him being able to reach the counters is not cool). He then came in with a plate and put it in front of The Monkey.

He had filled the plate with pacifiers.

Some days, he just melts my heart.