fresh start

I am finally getting into the swing of being a mommy of 2. Life isn't ideal (since Hubby isn't here and it's FREEZING outside), but I'm feeling much more emotionally stable. Yes, it took me 8 weeks to get there. Don't judge.

I am not a happy pregnant person. Some people glow and love every moment. I swell and am a big ball of hormones. Some how that doesn't seem fair to me.

I have no idea who reads this. I know there are a bunch of followers, but I have no idea who most of those people are or if they actually read. And, I know there are a few people that read in RSS or just check the website. (It would be nice for you to stop and say hi, but if you like to remain quiet that's your right.)

I'm just putting out a blanket apology in case I posted something or said something to upset someone or hurt their feelings. I'm typically not a harsh person, but there are times when things just overwhelm me. And, I typically take it out on the wrong person (just ask Hubby).

So, I'm back to being me. I hope we can all start out on a happy, emotionally stable note :-)


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

No judgment! No apology needed either! It's okay to have some bad days and to have a hard time adjusting. I think more people go through it, but they just pretend. I'm glad you are back to feeling like yourself though!

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