gender roles

I was a psych major so I overthink things. Actually, I overthought things before I was a psych major. But, anyways. I know there is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is the anatomical classification from birth (or surgery should that be how you got there). Gender is the views society puts with the anatomy. I took a communications class that forever changed how I think of things. If anyone ever goes to the University of Illinois, let me know and I'll make you enroll.

I try really hard not to gender my boys. I'm not decking them out in pink and bows, I do my best to not limit them based on what I think is the boy thing to do.
They do have lots of blue clothes, but they also have greens and reds and whites and yellows.
I didn't do a sportsy nursery with The Bear. First off, not all boys are athletically gifted. If he did get Hubby's genes and be able to catch, I didn't want to push it on him. (The boys' room now is red and blue with baseball accents. I let The Bear pick.)
They have truck and trains to play with. They also have art supplies, a play kitchen and a stroller with a baby doll.

I know a lot of what we think is appropriate is based on what we saw our parents do. I was raised in the type of home where the girl could hang her own pictures and move the furniture, but the boy better open the door.

I'm wondering what type of gender roles our kids will think are normal. Hubby is gone for long periods of time. And, I'm not going to wait 6 months to get out the drill and install a gate. I'm not that frilly. Or patient.

Do military kids have different ideas of what are mom jobs and dad jobs?


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my boys are boys boys. and Lord knows dad is NEVER around. I always joke with people when they comment on how boyish they are that well what do you expect with a marine for a dad!

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