i am a mom

Last night, Hubby and I entered into one of the most controversial choices of parenting.

Not formula or nursing
Not co-sleeping or independent sleeping
Not pacifiers or thumbs
Not circumcision or au natural
Not home schooling, public or private schools
Not trade school, community college or a 4 year university

It was much more serious and life changing than that.

It was the great minivan decision. Hubby has a small 4 door car, and I had a Jeep Patriot. I LOVED the Jeep. Hubby and I bought it just after we were married. It was sad to get rid of it, but with the two little boys we had just outgrown it. The backseat was jam packed with car seat-age and the trunk was full with the big stroller. Let alone all the other stuff I need to have in the car just in case.

Enter the world of minivans. We bought a 2008 (barely) used Grand Caravan.
It is delightfully big. Not ginormous, but we can easily fit every thing we need and my parents when they visit. It will be so nice to have all that room the next time we move (because I like to plan ahead).

I am officially a mom.

And, I like it.


Nicole said...

Congrats and enjoy your new minivan!

I have some awards waiting for you on my blog!

Mandy said...

Congrats! I LOVE my minivan. I have a 2009 Chevrolet Venture and I wouldn't trade the space I have now for anything, and yes I have used to it to move. It's fabulous! We even take the seats out in the back, put in a foam mattress and go to the drive-in theatre watching the movie while laying down in the back. So awesome :)

Anonymous said...