p365: days 28-34

The pictures will be printed out in 4x6 form, but I figured it was easier to upload them in this format. I really want to capture things going on in The Monkey's life besides just pictures of him.

I'm not doing a traditional year; I'm using this as The Monkey's first year scrapbook. He was born on December 3rd, and it just makes more sense for our life now. My weeks run Thursday - Wednesday since he was born on a Thursday.

Thursday (28 days old): We celebrated New Years Eve with a Countdown to Noon at the local children's museum. Hubby and The Bear had lots of fun playing with the bubbles.

Friday: The Monkey hanging out with Poppy.

Saturday: The Bear and Monkey's Christmas gift to my parents was a photo session for the 4 of them. Since The Monkey was in such a good mood, Sara took some extra shots of him.

Sunday: My parents had to go back home after spending 2 weeks with us.

Monday: Hubby works hard. When he is home, he's often half asleep on the couch with one of the little boys.

Tuesday: Sometimes I forget how little he is. He was hanging out on the couch. Right before he rolled off.

Wednesday: The boys playing (making a mess) in their room. I can't wait until they're big enough to actually play with each other.

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