Hubby left again today. It was actually the first time since he's been on the boat that they've left on the first try.

The Bear had a really rough time with this good bye. He was sensing it a few days ago and just hasn't been himself. Any time Hubby would leave - for work, after lunch or even just going upstairs - The Bear would freak out. Screaming and yelling. He wasn't just mad; he was scared.

He's been getting himself physically sick about it. He had a fever. He made himself throw up this morning after we left the pier from crying so hard. (Of course, the boat was delayed. We were able to have lunch with Hubby one last time which was amazing. But, it started The Bear's cycle of crying all over again.)

He's always been able to tell when Hubby is about to leave and has had problems adjusting. I'm not sure why these emotional problems are increasing though. It really hurts my heart. I'm not sure what I can do to help him.

Tonight, I had put The Monkey in his crib while I gave The Bear a bath. The Monkey fell asleep in there so I left both boys in their room while I went to put away laundry. The Monkey woke up and started to cry. I went in to get him so he wouldn't bother The Bear. The Bear was awake, but just laying quietly in his bed. As I was walking out of their room, The Bear starts screaming.
He would rather have a screaming 6 week old in his room than sleep alone.

What am I supposed to do? They say kids are resilient. But, how resilient are they before there are some serious long term issues?


a_sailors_queen said...

Hang in there and keep ur head high u are strong u can get threw it.

a_sailors_queen said...

Hang in there and keep ur head high u are strong u can get threw it.

Nina said...

Hi there, I don't even remember how I stumbled over your blog, but I did a few months ago :). This post broke my heart so I really felt compelled to write you that my son was "only" 2 months old when my hubby went on his last deployment. I know they are too little to understand at that point, but I didn't even hesitate to get him a daddy doll (https://www.hugahero.com/) right away so that "daddy" could be with us AT ALL TIMES! Now, at 17 months, he does not eat, sleep, play, ride in the car, (even bath sometimes) without his daddy doll!!! It's his everything... maybe your little bear will deal better with his daddy being gone, if he has a "daddy-doll" to keep close to his heart! :)

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