p365: days 35-41

Here are The Monkey's weekly pictures. I'm doing fairly well with it so far; I've lasted 6 weeks. I still can't believe he's 6 weeks old today. It helps that I'm trying to take pictures of our life. While they don't seem interesting now, I'm sure in 25 years he'll wonder what a Wii is and why our phones looks so funny.

Thursday: The Monkey was hanging out watching Hubby and The Bear play Rock Band on the Wii. Yes, our two year old plays Rock Band.

Friday: This is where The Monkey sleeps at night - a pack n play in our room. He has a crib in The Bear's room, but we didn't want to have him sleep in there until he's sleeping better at night. We figured there were enough changes in Bear's life without completely messing with his sleep. A sleepy Bear is a cranky Bear.

Saturday: The Bear is goofy and a big help. He was picking up toys under the kitchen table, and he thought it was funny to stay under there. Who needs toys when you have a table?

Sunday: The Monkey taking a nap.

Monday: The Bear trying to help out and give The Monkey a pacifier. He's very concerned with making sure The Monkey has one when needed. The problem is The Monkey will sometimes take them, but he doesn't NEED it. I love what a good big brother The Bear is.

Tuesday: The Monkey is so serious. He so gets his personality from Hubby. He smiles, but they don't last long. I was so happy to finally capture a silly Monkey with the camera.

Wednesday: With the addition of The Monkey, a bigger car was definitely wanted. It was finally warm enough outside for me to take a picture of our new minivan.


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