project 365

I attempted Project 365 last year. Project 365 was scrapbooking kit that encouraged(made?) you take a picture every day for a full year. I didn't order it in time so I attempted to make one myself. I tried. I failed. I made it until about April before I gave up on the picture of the day thing. Life happens.

I attempted to finished scrapbooking The Bear's first year of life. I wanted a real scrapbook for the first 12 months. Each year after that, I'll just be making a Shutterfly book. Faster, cheaper and much more compact. Well, I made it to September 2008 which means I still have 3 months of his to go. He's 2. I'm behind. Life happens.

With The Monkey, I decided to merge these two goals of mine. Instead of making a traditional baby's first year scrapbook, I'm taking a picture every day for his first year of life. I got the kit this year (called Project Life this time). It's supposed to arrive tomorrow which excites me to no end. It comes with little cards for daily journaling so The Monkey will understand some of the pictures his silly mom takes.

I've taken a picture every day so far. It's easy with the holidays and him being so itty bitty. I'm going to be posting them every Thursday. He was born on a Thursday so Wednesdays end his weeks. I apologize for bombarding the internet world with pictures, but I'm doing this to keep myself accountable.

On the bright side, if I do fail he can't use the whole "second child gets the shaft" line. I'll probably still be working on The Bear's baby book when he's 32.


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