This was one crazy and hectic holiday season.

Hubby was home - or as home as he gets. It was so very nice to have him here to go to church matching the little boys and put together toys and start all those Christmas traditions. In typical fashion though, we crammed the days full and I have no doubt he went back to work completely exhausted.

My parents came. It was nice to have them here. My dad got to meet The Monkey and The Bear got some hard core spoiling. I really want the boys to know my parents even if we live far away.

While it was The Bear's 3rd Christmas - isn't that crazy, I can't believe it's his third anything! - it was his first one where he got it. He opened his presents and played with all of them. He actually had to play with every toy before he would move on and open another. It was nice he enjoyed the gifts, but holy moly did it take forever and a half. It was also the first time he had things to put together. Hubby had the honor of assembling a wagon (from Santa), a play kitchen (from my parents) and a piano (from his parents). Next year, I'm asking for a bigger house to hold all their gifts from this year.

The Monkey has also been a little growing machine. I can't believe he's a month old already. He has the occasional rough night, but for the most part he's a really good baby. I'm getting the hang of this whole mommy to 2 thing :-)

My parents left today so our holiday season is officially over. Lots of fun and memories made. But, I am ready for some down time.