big brother training

I've been trying to slowly introduce The Bear to baby things. I don't want him to feel like his world has been invaded, and honestly after digging something out and setting it up I get pretty worn out.

The boys' bedroom is all done. Crib is up. Tummy time mat is down. Baby clothes have been washed and put in drawers.

We have the pack n play in our room up. The bouncer is out.

The newest addition was the swing that goes downstairs. The Bear is learning which things are "baby" and which are things he can play with and climb all over.

As soon as I had set up the swing and told him it was for Baby, he got his stuffed elephant. He put him in the seat and starting patting his head.
He's going to be a good big brother.

I'm trying to find a few things for Baby to give Teddy when he arrives. So far, I've found 2 big brother books. He has one we read already and another will be for the hospital. I finally found a blue stroller. The Bear loves to push things - including his stroller when it's empty. Based on his past driving experience, I wanted to give him a stroller that Baby wouldn't actually be in though.

I'm currently hunting for a boy baby doll. He likes to take care of his stuffed Curious George and he mimics everything I do. I thought it would be good to give him a little baby doll to take care of also. The only reasonable one I've found is $20 on Amazon. I really was hoping it wouldn't be that expensive. I don't have much doll buying experience though. Is that a reasonable price? I don't want the freaky kind that talks and eats and poops. Just a little doll.

I have found lots of unreasonable dolls though. My personal favorites:

Found at Target.com should you want to buy it

This wouldn't seem unreasonable unless you take into account I searched "boy baby doll" at Walmart.com and this was the only result I got. Something seems a little off.