giving thanks: day 13

Today was a rainy, rainy day here for us. There were gusts of wind up to 40 mph. It rained basically all day. It never poured, but there was a steady rain all day.

Because as you all know, I strongly dislike Saturdays I try to jam as much as I can into them when Hubby is gone.

Despite the rain and my cold, The Bear and I adventured out to see Thomas. THE Thomas. Like Thomas the Train. He was visiting a local train station and it was actually quite cute. It would have been a wonderful day if a) it had not been raining or b) I had a maternity rain coat.

None the less, The Bear loved the train ride. He loved all the train tables set out. He loved the electric train set. He was given a Jr. Engineer certificate by the conductor (cheapest engineering degree he's ever going to get). He had a fabulous time. We were able to go with some friends, and so I had a pretty good time, too. Trains don't excite me as much as The Bear, but I can now say I have seen Thomas.

It was nice to have something that filled our gloomy day. And, I definitely earned some good mommy points. Bear, remember this when you pick out my nursing home :-)