giving thanks: day 6

This afternoon, there was a baby shower for Baby. Baby is a boy, and we kept everything from The Bear so we didn't need anything. (On a side note: the 2 year gap works out well for storing things. I could not imagine the tubs we would have should there be 4 years of stuff being kept.)

There was no baby shower for The Bear which made me feel like a failure of a mom before he was born. There have since been other things that have made me feel like a failure and I'm over the no baby shower thing. It was nice to have something special for baby 2 that baby 1 didn't get. It makes things seem slightly more fair in my world.

It was so fun to get together with friends and eat and play silly games. I loved the low key part since it was for baby 2. No pressure to buy huge gifts; just a fun Saturday afternoon. I am so very grateful to have made good friends here. They make the days pass when Hubby is gone. I know if Baby should make his arrival before Hubby returns, I have a great support system here.

I did find it amusing that there are 4 of us with kids ranging from 23-25 months. And, we're all pregnant with kiddo 2. At least there's one thing that's reliable in the military world :-)